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Where do you go when your peak fitting software won't fit the peaks? 
To Razor FIT.  Here's why:

bulletUse analytical or Captured Data Peaks. Why limit yourself to Gaussians if your peaks really aren't Gaussian?
bulletUse a captured peak shape, or mix with analytical peak shapes, to tame the most complicated chromatographic spectrum.
bulletExclusive Peak Property Linking permits two or more peaks to have fixed separations and/or fixed height ratios, and/or linked width relationships. Every constraint that you can impose will reduce the uncertainty of the fit, so why not use everything you know? It's the Bayesian way!

Overlapping peaks? Razor's PIC integrates with FIT to find even the most badly occluded peaks, and feeds them to FIT. All you have to do is veto the choices you 
don't like. No fiddling.

Ugly peak shapes? Choose an actual shape from your data. FIT will adjust the width, height, and symmetry to fit those peaks. Chromatographers note: no analytical guessing required.

Too many peaks? Takes too long? Use FIT's new Bunch processing. You can fit 85 peaks in 1 minute. Is that fast enough? Just the thing for x-ray diffraction spectra.

Special restrictions? You know that two or more peaks MUST be separated by a certain interval, or MUST have particular amplitude ratios, or MUST have certain width relationships? Tell Razor. It will give you a Maximum Likelihood fit with just the constraints you spell out.



Superior engine. Doesn't choke on large numbers of peaks. If GRAMS Peak Fitting 
(Curvefit) doesn't converge, do this: Save your Peak Fitting setup in a parameter file 
(*.crv file). Run FIT and load the peak parameter (*.crv) file you saved. Get results!


Spectral Factor Files. Simple peak shapes are not adequate for your fit? Would you 
like to use measured spectra as a components of the fit? You may specify spectral 
files to use as components (factors) in fitting your sample spectrum. CRV accepts 
up to 10 Spectral Factor Files for use by FIT.


Peak fitting for multifiles too!


Linked Peak Parameters. Link peaks to assure that two peaks maintain a known 
separation, or a particular amplitude or width ratio. Heck, link all peaks together if 
needed! Links are achieved via Master/Slave setup in CRV.


Bunch Mode, for faster processing. In bunch mode, FIT will sort your peaks into 
'bunches', and process each bunch separately. Useful for problems with large numbers 
of peaks, where the peaks in one bunch do not merge with peaks in another bunch. 
Has been used successfully on X-ray data containing 75 peaks.

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