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All of Razor's modern Bayesian, Maximum Entropy, and Maximum Likelihood methods of  analysis are available for GRAMS/AI spectroscopy software.  RazorTools/8 runs under GRAMS/AI versions 6 or higher.  RazorTools contains fully automated functions for smoothing, maximum entropy deconvolution, peak fitting, peak picking, baseline removal, derivatives and FID phasing.   

The best ideas come from our users. In the past year, they have asked for the ability to use full spectra as part of peak fitting. They have also requested better tools to extract peaks from their data, better tools to set up peaks for peak fitting, and a "print" button, to make a copy of the screen for their records.  RazorTools/8 is available worldwide.

Add Razor functions to your own programs.  Razor Library is a programming library of spectral analysis functions for spectroscopy. The library contains functions for noise removal, deconvolution, peak fitting, peak finding, baseline removal and derivatives. 

MOP uses Maximum Entropy deconvolution methods to unscramble electrospray and ionspray m/z data. The result is the zero-charge, parent mass distribution for the ESI data.

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