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Analysis software for spectroscopy and mass spectrometry,
including classic maximum entropy deconvolution for better resolution, 
maximum entropy deconvolution for electrospray mass spectrometry
and linearized maximum entropy - a better way to do Fourier self-deconvolution.

QPeaks provides automated analysis of data containing peaks - any type of peaks - all kinds of peaks! 
Great for mass spectrometry, for quadrupole, ion trap, magnetic sector, and TOF spectrometers.
Find peaks, measure peaks, create a list of peak parameters, using Razor's suite of peak pickers - the acknowledged standard in peak finding.  
QPeaks creates a table of peak positions, peak heights, peak w
idths - all presented with their standard errors - and peak signal-to-noise ratios. 
Developers of proteomics and informatics software: If you need automated peak detection, try our free offer

Why do we use Maximum Entropy?   Why do we use Bayesian methods?
Proper spectral analysis, or peak analysis, asks a statistical question: "What is the most likely system of peaks buried in my data?", or "What is the most probable spectrum or chromatogram under the noise?"  Bayesian, Maximum Entropy and Maximum Likelihood methods answer such questions. They provide the spectroscopist, the chemist, the chromatographer, with the assurance that he or she has obtained the best possible result from the data, the most probable result, without compromise, without unwarranted assumptions, without tinkering. 

for GRAMS/AI. 
RazorTools/8 is a new version of the well respected 
Razor Tools add-on applications for GRAMS/AI 
spectroscopy software.  RazorTools is an automated
implementation of the Razor Library programming 
library for spectroscopic and peak analysis.

FREE to users of GRAMS/AI 
FreeTools - 3 Applications from RazorTools/6
LUC - Classic maximum likelihood deconvolution.
EDG - Easy one-click baseline removal.
PIC - Find peaks.  Setup peaks for peak fitting.
   For a copy of FreeTools, send us an email!       

Maximum entropy deconvolution for electrospray 

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