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Support for all Razor products is provided by PhD scientists:
        Prof. Jack Dodd:   jgdodd (@) gmail.com, 607-847-6944
        Dr. Lin DeNoyer: lkd1 (@) cornell.edu
                                        ldenoyer (@) spectrumsquare.com, 607-272-2352

Known Problems:

Date:  6 Jan 2006
Problem:  All RazorTools workbook pages (i.e. Razor6.wpg and Razor8.wpg) eventually become corrupt.  The pages may lose one or more buttons, and the button commands cease working.
Cause:  Known problem in GRAMS/AI
Remedy:  Delete the corrupt Razor page from your notebook (Edit/Delete page). 
Then (a) reload the page (Insert/Workbook Page/Use Template/Razor6.wpg),
or (b) start the RazorTools apps from the top-line menu (Applications/Do Program...) rather than from workbook page buttons. 


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