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Deconvolution Peak Fitting Smoothing Baselines Derivatives Find Peaks

Words Of Wisdom about Baselines:

The wrong baseline will do more damage to peak areas, or band areas, than any other single factor.  You can get the peak shape wrong, you can get the peak position wrong, you can get the peak width wrong, and still not noticeably affect the peak areas.  But if you get the baseline wrong, you may as well throw away your data.  

Removing baseline features from a spectrum, without damaging the data, is a difficult problem. We approach it in the following manner: Our peak-picker (arguably the world's best) can find the peaks in the data and estimate their widths. Where the peaks aren't, the baseline is obvious. Where a peak is, the baseline must run underneath the peak without intersecting it. We assume the baseline is smooth, and nearly straight in this region. How well does it work? See Fig 1 below.

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