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Deconvolution Peak Fitting Smoothing Baselines Derivatives Find Peaks

Examples of Razor Spectral Analysis Tools

DEC- Deconvolution

Your spectrometer smears your data. Unsmear it,
using rigorous Maximum Entropy deconvolution!


Accurate quantitation of peak areas. Converges where others fail!  Use linked shape parameters, fast bunch processing, and captured peak shapes.

PIC- Peak_Picking

Marks Positions, and estimates heights and widths of peaks, ready for a Levenberg-Marquardt fit.


One Maximum Entropy and two Maximum Likelihood functions.

Baseline Removal

Baseline, baseline; who has the baseline? Razor does! Since Razor knows where the peaks are, Razor knows where to put the baseline.

DIF- Derivatives

Bayesian derivatives of all orders. Differentiate your spectra without adding noise.