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RazorTools uses modern Bayesian, Maximum Entropy, and Maximum Likelihood methods to solve common data analysis problems.  

RazorTools applications are push-button implementations of Razor Library software. Razor Tools/8 is an implementation of the Razor Library specifically tailored for GRAMS/AI ( Versions 6, 7, and 8).

Proper analysis asks a statistical question: "What is the most likely system of peaks buried in my data?", or "What is the most likely spectrum of chromatogram under the noise?"  

Bayesian, Maximum Entropy and Maximum Likelihood methods answer such questions. They give the best possible results, the first time.

You may have used other deconvolution programs to try to separate overlapping peaks, or smoothing procedures to remove noise. If you used Fourier Self-deconvolution, or Savitsky-Golay smoothing, you may have adjusted and then readjusted the input parameters, or tinkered with the number of smoothing points. Tinkering is guessing. Everyone who guesses obtains a different result, and no one knows whether he has obtained the best from his data.  

Razor Tools/8 includes 3 smoothing functions, peak picking, peak fitting, 3 baseline methods, derivatives of all orders, and 3 deconvolution functions. It also includes a button for rephasing your NMR FID.

Razor Tools/8 requires GRAMS/AI (Versions 6, 7, or 8), available from Thermo Fisher.

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