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Razor Library is a collection of Maximum Entropy, Maximum Likelihood, and Bayesian analysis functions for spectroscopy.

Best Possible Results - Again and Again and Again!
Spectral analysis routines based on ME, ML, and Bayesian techniques, which use probability theory to incorporate all the available a priori information, will outperform other methods, and will always give optimum solutions. And because there are no arbitrary choices to be made, every user will obtain the same results.

RazorSmooth: Smoothing which preserves resolution. One ME and two ML functions.

RazorDivide: ML smoothing of the ratio of two noisy data sets, such as smoothing sample/reference, or transmittance spectra.

RazorSharp: Resolution enhancement with performance far superior to traditional "deconvolution". Two ME and two ML algorithms.

RazorDerivative: Smoothest possible derivatives of all orders. Bayesian.

RazorPick: Finds peak locations, heights, widths. Recognition of merged peaks. Significance ranking based on signal/noise. Choice of Normal or Poisson methods. Bayesian/ML.

RazorFit: Accurate quantitation of peak areas. Allows "Captured Data" peakshapes. Choice of Normal or Poisson methods. Fast 'bunch' mode. Link peak positions, widths, heights. ML.

RazorBase: Razor knows where the peaks are, and therefore can find where to put the baseline! Uses Bayesian and Maximum Entropy techniques.

RazorPhase: Automated rephasing of the complex FID function of NMR spectroscopy.

Razor Library spectroscopy functions are the most effective available. Developed by PhD scientists, they incorporate advanced mathematical techniques and the authors' combined 50+ years' experience in data analysis. The theory behind the methods is explained in the manual.

Razor Library functions are supplied as C/C++ or Fortran libraries, or DLLs, for the PC or Macintosh. Complete source code for a running program is also included!

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