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MOP uses Maximum Entropy deconvolution methods to unscramble electrospray and ionspray m/z data.  MOP treats mass spectroscopy data as if it were a multiple exposure produced by a defective camera. The result is the zero-charge, parent mass distribution for the electrospray data.

M.O.P. is an acronym for "Multiple Overlapping Pictures".  MOP is an application of standard image-processing techniques. The final image (data) is presumed to be a multiple-exposure; the individual images are obtained from the object by a series of affine transformations. The Poisson nature of the noise is rigorously accounted for. MOP is derived using Bayesian probability methods; the algorithm gives the most probable object (parent mass distribution). The result is a Maximum Entropy result for data with Poisson (counting) noise.

Fig 1: Electrospray spectrum of 2 forms of hemoglobin.
Fig 2. Maximum Entropy result for parent mass distribution.

Windows/95/98/2000/NT. Pentium recommended.
Reads ASCII XY and Chemstation data files.
Writes ASCII XY and Galactic SPC file types.
Call for additional file types.

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